Passover in Ein Yael

Ein Yael nestles in the Judean hills in the "Emek Rafaim" valley in a beautiful open-air site the on the outskirts of Jerusalem.

Here you can find ancient terraces, a spring, orchards, evidence of ancient agriculture and the magic of shady corners.

Together, these will bring the visitor back in time to the periods of the Old Testament Bible and the Mishna.


Spring festival in Ein Yael – A Passover attraction for all ages

The spring festival in Ein Yael hands-on museum – takes the visitors 2000 years back in time, to the Roman /Mishna era.


Actors reenact as ancient artisans (shoemaker, blacksmith and potter) hold a celebration in the picturesque Roman market. Tours to the archeological site.  The workshops of Ein Yael will be open to the visitors. Among them: pottery, mosaic, fresco, basket weaving an open-air theater production and lots more.


Photo by Liora Darom

The open-air production "A Taste of Shabbat" ("Tavlin shel Shabbat") with Sarit Zusman will tell the story of Caesar Antoninus having a specially good Shabbat diner at Rabbi' Yehuda Hanassi's home. Rabbi Yehuda tells his guest that there is a secret to the good taste of the meal. Will Caesar find the secret?

"Taste of Shabbat" will be performed at 11:00, 12:30 and 14:00 in Hebrew only

Ein-Yael hands-on museum Jerusalem (next to "Malkha" train station)

Tel: 02-6451866 fax:02-6451867

Free parking

Link for booking the tickets in advance


A family time In Ein Yael

Games of the Court

During the week before Passover: from April 11 to the 18th Ein Yael will be open three times a day. Tours with actors/guides to the Archeological site, and the Roman market and participating in the beloved workshops on site

Every session will be two hours long, the session will take place every day at 10:00, 12:30 and 15:00.

Participating fees: 35 NIS for a child and 25 NIS for an adult.

Session must be booked in advance: link for the booking.

Independent visit to Ein yael

During the week before Passover: from April 11 to the 18th Visitors can come to Ein-yael for a "self-guided tour" with the aid of a guidance kit. In the kit, there is a map, treasure hunt game and materials for two workshops. Activity time in Ein- Yael from 10:00 to 17:00 every day. Kits are available in Hebrew, English and Russian

Family kit is 50 NIS. Extra material is 25 NIS.

Link for Booking kits

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