Summer Full of Fun

The Ein Yael Hands on museum opens its gates and invites you for a summer of crafts in the Nature, under the trees’ shade and next to the spring. Here the visitors are welcome to touch, create and learn about the past through the experience of ancient crafts.

To the spring at Ein Yael 1.07-28.08

1. Throughout the summer, From 1.07 to 29.08 We are running our special dramatized activity: “To the Spring & Beyond”. Following the water trail, visitors are going to find out how our ancestors collected and saved water, through the hot months of the year on ancient times. The activity will culminate in the Market Square with an assembly of different ancient crafts.

Participation fee: 35 Nis per child 25 Nis per adult.

2. Also available throughout the summer are our unique DIY kits. For 60 Nis per kit, a family gets a bag with a map, a tasks game and components & explanations for a management of a craft.

The Festival 12.08-22.08

From 12.08 to 22.08 Ein Yael is running a Festival that will take the visitors 2,000 years back in time to the Roman (Talmudic) era.
The visitors are welcome to enjoy and create in a variety of workshops such as:
Mosaics, Weaving, Flutes, Pottery, Pitta Baking and more.
Visitors also get to tour the ancient site and spring and to visit the animal corner. They can experience shooting with Bow & Arrow, step on grapes in the wine press and witness how the past comes alive with the artisans in the market: a Blacksmith, a Potter, a Shoe Maker and a weaver. All this and much more in the spectacular museum of Ein Yael!

Entrance fee: 45 Nis per child, 35 Nis per adult.

Looking Forward to see you!

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